Spécialiste du veau-Tendriade

Veal specialist since 1968 optimises its customer billing process!

For almost 50 years, Tendriade has been transforming veal meat for industrial butcher shops, department stores as well as its own site at Chateaubourg (35). The number of invoices to be processed is significant. Tendriade has decided to entrust this process to an industry professional – Mobiltron. Mobiltron receives all company invoices in PDF format on a daily basis. A specific process has been developed to group invoices (per receiver and per day) before printing. Postage costs are also optimized through Mobiltron. Copies are folded, put in envelopes, franked and delivered to the postal service. Finally, all documents are indexed and stored in the Mobiltron servers in order to facilitate both research and remote consultation. Mobiltron has adapted its services to customer-specific issues by setting up a single process with its Methods and IT teams. All customers benefit from our Key Account pricing tariff for preparation and postage.