When it comes to exchanging data, we communicate with our customers via FTP (File Transfer Protocol). Data is made available to our customers 24/7.

Ensuring data security is our priority.

As part of its in-house Business Continuity Plan, Mobiltron has two servers and remote theatres equipped with special fire protection systems in order to control risks. Mobiltron puts all its IT expertise into protecting its customers’ data on a daily, long-term and/or short term basis.

  • Reliable and powerful servers

IT hosting at Mobiltron works using a cluster of two servers (one for logistics and one for production). In the event of failure or maintenance of the primary server, users are automatically switched to the second server.

For all electronic documents and in response to a potential major incident, the DRP (Disaster Recovery Plan) installed at Mobiltron guaranteed regular, local and remote duplication in another building. Computer security is based on virtual server infrastructure (ESX). It ensures the permanent integrity of data. A daily back-up is performed on a disks and cassettes (robot managed back-up).

Mobiltron boasts a hardware warranty and guarantees that its system is highly responsive in the event of hardware failure – in part due to the permanent presence of its on-site technical team.

The Mobiltron servers are regularly updated and benefit from the very latest that is available in terms of technology. This means that high levels of both quality and performance are guaranteed for all users.

  • Servers hosted in a secure building

Access to buildings is controlled through the use of badges and the site is subject to ongoing monitoring.

Everything is done to ensure the proper functioning of the servers: industrial air conditioning, cameras, inverters and so on.

  • Fully secured data

Your data is hosted in France and is completely secure. The entire infrastructure is protected by a professional antivirus and firewall with regular and automatic updates.

A confidentiality agreement is signed by every employee within the company to ensure complete discretion and confidentiality when it comes to your data and professional activities.

  • Fully backed-up servers

Daily backups are automatic and on a 5-day slide (system and data). The user benefits from seamless data access.

  •  Not to mention that our site is highly secure:
  • Perimeter fencing with infrared detection
  • 24/7 video surveillance system
  • Detection system and automatic sprinkler system throughout the building
  • Secure and separate storage area for sensitive products
Surrounding barrier

Surrounding barrier


High level security site

Safety storage