High value products? Security? Tracing?

Specifically designed for high-tech product manufacturers and distributors, this offer from Mobiltron boasts a range of high value-added and bespoke services:

  •  Multi-channel distribution
  • to various European markets (EMEA)
  • according to scheduled deadlines

With an extensive high-tech background, particularly in mobile telephony, Mobiltron can provide a modular supply chain ranging from product customisation to returns management.


We provide the following services:

  • Merchandise and receipt and entry control
  • Secure storage
  • Order management
  • Customisation of product (cosmetics and software) packaging
  • PLV management
  • Unit traceability
  • Returns management and customer services


Software configuration and customisation:

  • Software (operators and parameters)
  • Marking, labelling, printing
  • Co-packing
  • Blister packaging
  • Thermo-film
  • Accessories and peripherals
  • Flyers, catalogues, brochures, posters, display materials and banners



It is a certainty that high-tech logistics needs to be more than reliable. In other words, Mobiltron – with its range of transporters and highly monitored transport solutions – is the ideal outsourcer to suit your needs (collection from your suppliers, import management, customs procedures, secure transportation and so on). You can also reap the benefits of pooling our various resources… and thus receive much cheaper rates. We use an advanced system to link with our transport partners to ensure comprehensive tracking!


Returns management

Logistics management is nothing without a successful and comprehensive returns system. Mobiltron can manage your company returns system using whatever process meets your specifications:

  • Sorting & Qualification returns
  • Checking products and/or missing products
  • Reintegration into stock or quarantine
  • Statistics


Our resources

  • Site capacity: 22,000 orders / day
  • Experience in the mobile and interactive product industries
  • Flexible working hours for better responsiveness
  • IT expertise and internal development
  • 11 000m² of highly secure warehouse space (sprinkler systems, CCTV, infrared detection)
  • BtoC = one million orders shipped / year
  • BtoB = 100,000 orders / year