Customer satisfaction? Why take any risks?

Mobiltron works under your company name and provides you with the logistics your e-commerce company requires.

With your success in mind, Mobiltron can prepare and deliver your e-commerce orders.

Because consumers and customers require highly specific services, logistics plans should and can be changed frequently – simply speak to a member of our team! With its industrial origins, particularly in mobile telephony, Mobiltron has successfully migrated its logistics service to an e-commerce logistics offer that supports a range of orders (80% of orders contain 1-2 products).

Our e-commerce logistics service is a complete package:

  • Multichannel (GMS, point of sale, home delivery, pick-up points…)
  • Easy access and management via marketplaces
  • Cross-docking order management
  • Inventory and order monitoring in real time via EDI or Extranet
  • Stock rotation: FIFO, DLC, BBD
  • Regular quality controls
  • A wide choice of carriers
  • Bespoke services (specific packaging lines, boxes, subscriptions, mixes, gift wrapping, flyers, brochures etc.)
  • Total absorption in terms of activity peaks (flexibility)

Some facts and figures:

  • Site capacity: 22,000 orders per day
  • More than1 million orders shipped per year: BtoC
  • A capacity of 10,000 parcels per day
  • Any order received before 2:00 p.m. will be shipped before 4:30 p.m.
  • 100,000 order lines: BtoB
  • Minimum 24 hr order processing

Our resources:

All computer data processing is performed in real time at every step of the process. Monitoring is performed by extranet or EDI.

Our team of four programmers maintain the interfaces between the customer and Mobiltron and ensures a constant flow of information.

The Mobiltron site boasts 11,000m² of fully secured surface area with an infrared detection perimeter fence and video surveillance system. Fire protection is guaranteed with sprinkler systems in all warehouses.


  • Total flexibility (peak activity, production line creation)
  • On time process: cross-docking
  • Continuous adaptation (wrapping paper for the holiday season, special packaging e.g. gift boxes)
  • Transport with favourable rates through our transportation pool: wide range of carriers