New Prestashop Module

Since the outset of its diversification into e-commerce over a decade ago, Mobiltron has striven to facilitate access to the logistics for e-merchants. Throughout 2015 Mobiltron has continued its commitment to meet the needs of e-commerce sites by offering a Prestashop Module embedded with specific Mobiltron parameters.

E-commerce sites that use this technology can now connect their site to the Mobiltron logistics platform and thereby streamline file exchanges. This module automatically generates workflows (product catalogue, orders, tracking numbers and so on) in terms of logistical platform needs when it comes to preparing and shipping orders. In recent years, working with Mobiltron has provided this service to online retailers. Now the module is delivered as a turnkey solution.

Upon completion of a purchase on the e-commerce site, the data is automatically sent to the Mobiltron servers. Without any human intervention, the data is transmitted in a continuous fashion between the e-commerce site and the logistics provider. The e-commerce site works in perfect harmony with a single provider: from order preparation right through to returns management.