New collaboration with Verlingue, the insurance broker!

Specializing in company and HR risk insurance, VERLINGUE manages automotive fleet insurance programmes for hundreds of companies both throughout France and abroad. VERLINGUE boasts a range of fleet management offers and takes proactive management of insurances declarations and assistance to drivers in the event of losses.

VERLINGUE is now working in partnership with Mobiltron for the logistical management of all insurance documents (preparation of papers via PlanetPress, editing, adding a range of supports and attachments as well as distribution to customers – with customisation of documents) for the automotive industry. With ambitious aims in terms of development VERLINGUE took the important decision to digitalise its business tasks. Outsourcing the publishing and automation of certain processes forms part of this plan.

These two Breton companies have agreed to collaborate and to build a growing partnership in the development of paperless documents. Knowing the volume of documents that re so frequently generated in the insurance world, digitisation is obviously a real challenge Mobiltron aims to meet this challenge. It also intends to guarantee the security and confidentiality of all data entrusted to its services. From the very outset of this collaboration, Mobiltron has remained committed to these points and will continue to do so.