“Mot à Mot” chooses Mobiltron for its logistics

Word for Word has been a leading speech therapy specialist for the last 20 years. It offers a wide range of materials, books, balance sheets and software to both professionals and parents.

A recognised player in its sector, Word for Word places customer concerns at the heart of its service and aims to offer quality products.

Bolstered by its recent success, Word for Word aims to devote all its resources to the development of its catalogue and continued improvement in terms of customer satisfaction. In order to help with these ails, it decided to outsource its global logistics to an industry professional.

Mobiltron, and the renowned quality of its work, was the easiest choice to make.

Our expertise in e-logistics, the quality of our infrastructure, our professionalism, our sense of service and the competitiveness of our services were what helped us stand out from the crow when Word for Word took this decision.

Aware of the challenges that soon arise when outsourcing any project, we intend to make every effort to turn their strategic choice into an economic success.