Mobiltron in charge of E-commerce logistics for major clothing brand Deeluxe

DEELUXE sells several collections of clothing for men, boys and girls under the same brand name – the collections are very much inspired by American ’40s lifestyle.

Over the years, the company has developed its reputation through a strong network of affiliated stores in several cities within mainland France.

Recognising the potential of their brand, DEELUXE hopes to continue its development by diversifying its sales channels on the web – via its own online store, selling on the major specialised marketplaces (, …) and approaching customers via event sales sites (, …).

Internet sales is a BtoC type distribution model, and very different from a logistics system dedicated to a traditional network of shops. DEELUXE does not have the infrastructure nor the experience required for this type of distribution, and so has chosen Mobiltron to guarantee its web partners impeccable quality in line with their expectations.