Mobiltron – at the service of one of the world’s leading eHealth organisations

CompuGroup Medical (CGM) is one of the world’s leading e-Health organisations. With an annual turnover of approximately 500 million euro, its software is designed to support all medical and organisational activities in doctors’ offices, pharmacies and hospitals. Its IT systems and its online patient records contribute to a safer and much more efficient healthcare system for both patients and practitioners.

Since 1998, Connectivity, a subsidiary of CGM, has been the leading provider of secure internet access services specifically designed for healthcare professionals. The group called upon the expertise of Mobiltron logistics in the field of technological and communicating products to distribute its boxes: kitting (preparing packs to ship), unit traceability, returns management, goods and services management, SAV…

Expectations are high in terms of responsiveness and reliability –  the Mobiltron commitments.