The Brazilian sun shines down on Mobiltron!

Specialised in food products, cosmetics, and cultural products, La Maisonnette de Valéria sells a range of lingerie, spirits, culinary specialties from Brazil and books on its website. Such a variety of products requires a range of different processes to be active: DLC, management of clothing sizes, FIFO management and even packaging solutions for more fragile products. To ensure the launch of its website as well as the overall development of the company, La Maisonnette de Valéria outsources its logistics system to Mobiltron. The start-up hopes to lean on a genuine service provider in order to manage the importation of products from Brazil, customs clearance, storage, preparation of orders, and the shipments and returns systems.

Spécialiste du veau-Tendriade

Veal specialist since 1968 optimises its customer billing process!

For almost 50 years, Tendriade has been transforming veal meat for industrial butcher shops, department stores as well as its own site at Chateaubourg (35). The number of invoices to be processed is significant. Tendriade has decided to entrust this process to an industry professional – Mobiltron. Mobiltron receives all company invoices in PDF format on a daily basis. A specific process has been developed to group invoices (per receiver and per day) before printing. Postage costs are also optimized through Mobiltron. Copies are folded, put in envelopes, franked and delivered to the postal service. Finally, all documents are indexed and stored in the Mobiltron servers in order to facilitate both research and remote consultation. Mobiltron has adapted its services to customer-specific issues by setting up a single process with its Methods and IT teams. All customers benefit from our Key Account pricing tariff for preparation and postage.


1st site for collective action for the defence of consumers!

The success of this growing company now requires the use of a publishing partner. Given the large number of claims, a great number of files have been drawn up and this, of course, represents a considerable volume of documents. Seeking assistance in terms of back office publishing thus became necessary.

Actioncivile took the decision to outsource this task to Mobiltron – to edit batches of 10, 100 or 1000 files to designated courts. Mobiltron assists with the following: document editing, grouping of cases by court, and delivery (drawn up and signed) by carrier to the various courts. We provide full traceability so that all files arrive at the specified proceedings in accordance with procedures in force

Pas de visuel

Renewal of ISO 9001 certification

The renewal audit for ISO 9001 (2008 version) certification was conducted from February 8 to 10 by the certification body, SGS. The certification was renewed, and no major or minor non-compliances were found. The auditor highlighted the management’s strong commitment to quality, excellent product traceability, and the dynamics of the company’s continuous improvement plan.


The Great Outdoors & Cutlery

GoCommerce has recently made it to the top of the list of 100 top e-commerce sites in France. This new company, created back in 2013, has entrusted the outsourcing of its logistics operations to Mobiltron. GoCommerce sells a range of products within three specific fields: cutlery, outdoor activities and child care.

In 2015, Mobiltron won the contract to support the company in its logistics development – which has since witnessed a three digit increase! Over 10,000 products are handled in our warehouses at any given time, 100 orders are processed per day and substantial peaks in terms of sales are dealt with successfully over the Christmas period.

Due to the range of sales channels utilised, in 70% of cases, the cross-docking method is used. This requires a high response rate between order receipt and product dispatch. Additionally, Mobiltron carries out specific re-packaging and re-labelling processes in order to supply warehouses in both Europe and North America.

For sensitive products (e.g. Hazmat) Mobiltron meets all safety standards in accordance with regulatory requirements (storage, packaging, transportation). For products requiring special adaptation in terms of transportation (parcels over 30kg, over 120cm) Mobiltron can adapt the packaging and handling process.

This start-up company uses a very wide range of our transportation options; ranging from small letters in their BtoC contracts to product messaging for B2B pallets and express carriers in order to satisfy customers across the globe.

The success of GoCommerce is undeniably a result of the efficiency of its logistics provider… and we enjoy the challenge!

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