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Mobiltron, new logistics provider for Global 5

Global 5 is a distribution company that deals with projects in the following domains: mobile telephony, multimedia products and digital convergence. It is the only specialist in Shop-in-Shop mobile telephony in France with 42 operational points of sale as well as the leading distributor of Self Service prepaid products.

To support its potential significant development in future months, Global5 has chosen to trust Mobiltron in terms of the outsourcing of its logistics system.

Mobiltron provides Global5 with its expertise and experience in logistics management in the mobile phone industry (acquired with Virgin Mobile, Breizh Mobile and Tele2 Mobile from 2004 onwards).

This expertise is based on an optimised WMS for the specific management of serial numbers (IMEI, SIM, recharge coupons…) and ERP covering all the features required for this specific logistics system: unit inventory management, preparation monitoring, assembly of self-service packs, transportation, returns policy management.