Optimisation and savings

“Virtual” for you, but “printed” in reality at our site: Mobiltron has successfully developed a remote printing service for mail (daily send-outs of individual letters).

How does it work?

Employees can prepare mail send-outs from their PCs as and when required throughout the day.

Instead of following the classic printing route, making multiple copies, physically collecting the document from the printer, folding it, placing it in an envelope and putting it in the post, you print from a simple “PDF Creator” application known as a “Virtual Printer”.

Your mail is generated on a common server. You can finalise the presentation of the document, add attachments and define the address before validating the whole. An electrical signature can be added at the validation stage if required. And click!

The Virtual printer send the mail directly to Mobiltron along with any other mail from your company. It is printed, put in an envelope, and franked at an industrial rate within the same day.

Why opt for a virtual printer?

A considerable amount of time can be saved with a virtual printer, allowing your employees to focus on the tasks they have at hand without having to waste time preparing outgoing mail. A virtual printer also allows for significant savings in terms of printing costs, materials and franking.

We pay very careful attention to the security of your documents. All outgoing mail is treated securely and in confidence. Documents are certified through electronic signatures and sent only to addresses confirmed by your company.

MOBILTRON – Our added extras

No training is required The virtual printer application is very easy to download and intuitive to use from the the outset. Simply follow the instructions and you’ll be guided every step of the way!

You define the settings of the virtual printer and we follow your rules!

Mobiltron remains open for business 365 days a year! Yet another advantage! Need to make a change? Mobiltron can adapt… whatever the circumstances!


  • Work flow
  • Electronic signature
  • Physical archiving/Destruction of archives