Re-routed, dematerialised and integrated into your accounting tools…

Invoice dematerialisation allows you to move your invoicing process from paper format to IT file format.

In other words, through digitisation (ADR),  all dematerialised invoice data in automatically extracted from its paper format and sent to your accounting software. The only step left for you to complete is to validate said data. You can choose how this process is set up depending on your own professional needs. All invoices are then archived both electronically and physically. You can remotely monitor all stages validated by your employees and the process as a whole. Effective remote management

Invoice dematerialisation in not an on-trend phenomenon, but a profitable evolution: this service allows your to use your human ressources to the maximum of their abilities. Put an end to unsatisfying tasks and lost hours in the accounts department! Mobiltron will take care of everything, and you can simply validate from afar!

If you have more than one office, multiple accounting data can be extracted and handled… meaning even bigger advantages for you and your teams.

Ease of use, employee productivity, fully managed validation and financial gains! Invoice dematerialisation reduces costs and processing times by up to 500%

And the ultimate argument in favour of dematerialisation? It is of particular use in terms of invoice security – especially when it comes to electronic archiving.

Why entrust your invoice dematerialisation process to an external service provider?

There is no need to allocate staff time to the dematerialisation process. Mobiltron will take care of every stage from A to Z. We have developed an astonishing dematerialisation platform. We can assure that the whole process will be taken care of: we can implement the project, adjust the settings in order to meet your specific needs, start the process and handle the running of the system on a continuous basis. Of course, you can remain in constant contact with our internal project managers. No training is required. All your employees will be able to easily learn how to use our simple and intuitive system. Do you have a particular problem handling something on the platform? We will get back to you and ensure everything is working correctly in the shortest time possible. Our IT team will ensure the system is correctly developed in order to ensure the invoice dematerialisation process is capable of providing innovative solutions to your every specific request.



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