Estate agents, property managers…

Mail, documents, declarations…

What aims are sought?


Mobiltron has developed a made-to-measure service for estate agents and property managers in order to respond to a strong request within this field.

The dematerialisation of documents allows relations to be eased between landlord tenant and agency. Files can be consulted directly via a DMS which allows agents and property/land managers to access data no matter where their location.

Documents involved in the dematerialisation process:


Document processing:


An employee can send and receive up to 1,500 pages of mail per year – the amount of time spent reading and writing such an amount is considerable. Mail management optimisation is of the utmost importance within a company and our specifically designed solutions have been conceived with just this objective in mind.


ONLINE EDITING and externalising of all printing and postal mail

Mail created by agencies or property managers can be edited online – directly from our editing platform. In quantity or individually, mail can be posted by employees from their workstation.
Mail that can be edited from our platform: