A new member of APROGED!

Aproged is the industry standard Association of Professionals for the control and exploitation of digital content management (dematerialisation, content management, desktop publishing, archiving, big data etc.). It plays a key role in information provision, research, training and standardisation. Mobiltron has recently joined this association and is proving to be an active contributor in terms of finding innovative and effective solutions in dematerialisation and desktop publishing. Mobiltron brings its experience as a service provider to the association and will enrich not only their work but the members’ reflection on topics such as: document management, workflow, retrieval, digital archiving, virtual printers and so on…

2015 is expected to be an incredible year for the digitisation industry.

Pas de visuel

Mobiltron – Rennes Atalante

Rennes Atlante, a technology hub based in Brittany, welcomes and supports professional technological businesses in their development. The technology hub facilitates meetings between players in this domain and actively supports growth and economic development through the creation of employment.


Increasingly strategic services in real estate

Within the context of its electronic documentation system, the FNAIM (national real estate network which includes 430 branches in Brittany, France), has partnered up with Mobiltron. This group informs and supports real estate professionals in their activities, transactions or in their relationships with owners / tenants on a daily basis.

This year Mobiltron was present at the FNAIM annual general meeting which took place on the outskirts of Rennes on April 15, 2014. Members were give the opportunity to discover a range of solutions proposed by Mobiltron: dematerialisation of incoming documents and correspondence, printing letters on a large scale (web printer), and indexing/ storing digital documents.

Although the industry is continuously evolving, the real estate sector is historically and remains a domain that uses an incredibly significant amount of documentation. Mobiltron therefore offers its customers the possibility to optimise the organisation of physical and digital documents (reminders, payment requests, files, supplier and customers invoices, etc.). This is a perfect opportunity to promote practical and user-friendly solutions in managing the flow of incoming and outgoing mail.

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Mobiltron in partnership with Kekoli

As part of its scalable logistics system, Mobiltron monitors deliveries using a range of different modes. This is a major “PLUS” which is sure to contribute to the satisfaction of your customers. By communicating the tracking number, Mobiltron relays several pieces of information concerning the delivery of the package. How? Simply consult the site and include a URL link to the sender or recipient (but this is also possible through a TMS model e.g. Kekoli). You are free to activate this option: a synthetic view of the position of packages, quality statistics … We interface with a wide range of carriers in order to achieve this.


Yooz Solution

Yooz makes available to any organisation, regardless of its size (companies, accountants, authorities, associations …), software solutions and paperless invoice processing, as Internet Service (SaaS , combining simplicity and accessibility with innovation and technology.

Yooz has inherited 30 years of technological expertise from ITESOFT in the field of paperless processes.

Marketed as an e-commerce solution from the site, Yooz is a 100% web solution and 100% SaaS system for automatic invoice processing: scanning, automatic recognition and registration, electronic workflow, paperwork export to ERP or accounting software and electronic archiving.

Yooz offers three “On Demand” services: Yooz Business Edition (companies, associations and independent professions), Yooz Expert Edition (accounting firms) and Yooz Public Edition (communities and public institutions).

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