GPO Mag speaks of the virtual printer

At a time when companies are looking for paperless solutions in order to reduce costs and improve productivity, the remote editing of personalised letters remains a differentiating factor among competitors and allows for a certain level of proximity between a service provider and its customers.
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EXPRESS Special Feature – dialogue with the entire company

“The explosion of digital technology and the diversity of document access have fundamentally changed the need for paperless management. Now EDM & ECM can be made to interact with IT systems and thus the entire company.” Read the special EDM & ECM files and the MOBILTRON corporate description


Dematerialisation, complementary services

At a time when a great many companies are seeking paperless solutions with a view to reducing costs and improving productivity, remote editing personalised letters remains a way to maintain a certain proximity with customers.

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Dematerialisation within reach of all businesses through digitisation

Dematerialisation is so much more than simply going paperless. The savings and productivity gains from the dematerialisation process within a company are real plus points. In fact, according to a survey conducted by Roland Berger in 2014, companies with the highest levels of “digital maturity” are also the most successful in terms of developing their sales and cost control strategies.
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The Business Journal talks about Mobiltron

Mobiltron LOGISTICS is celebrating 10 successful years in business. The company first provided logistics solutions for mobile phone producers before diversifying into electronic documents and other markets. Today it is set to launch a virtual printer solution.
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