Health IT, e-health and connected health

At the various health and IT conferences/exhibitions held from May 19 to 21 at Porte de Versailles, a range of solutions and new technologies in the field of e-health and connected health solutions were presented to guests, visitors and participants. The digital revolution is now clearly underway for healthcare professionals: big data, digitisation, data security and even logistics (connected products).

Mobiltron presented its back-office services: processing all incoming and outgoing mail for businesses: dematerialisation of documents, data extraction and digital or physical storage. Additional offers included desktop publishing and remote mail printing. Mobiltron also took this opportunity to highlight its historical expertise in the logistical management of connected objects e.g. tablets.


Logistics experts in Value Chain Parts

As a Logistics Expert, Mobiltron is set to be in LYON on December 3rd, 2014 to meet shippers and other industrial customers seeking efficiency in logistics management.

Value Chain Parts is a meeting place for decision-makers and industry professionals based on a series of technical conferences and business appointments.

As specialists in high-tech logistics, e-commerce and wholesale distribution, Mobiltron is expected to contribute its expertise on the following specific issues: unit product traceability, serial number management, bespoke packaging, multichannel management…

A key event for any retailer seeking new solutions!


Outsourcing of document management – Conference, October 2, 2014

“This is why we opted for outsourcing our document management!” – This was the subject on everyone’s lips at the Salon Solutions conference on October 2nd, attended by Arnaud MORICE, a Mobiltron expert in dematerialisation.

At the key event, MORICE discussed the advantages of outsourcing document management for businesses.

The 3 key points to remember are as follows:

Cost: No investment in machinery or software is required which means that money can start to be saved as soon as the process is implemented. The provider allocates all the hardware and software resources needed and pools and optimises its use.

Service quality: Quality is ensured by the significant controls implemented throughout the process by the service provider. Digital images are subject to regular checks – this is also a guarantee of security (real-time backups).

Timeliness: Activity peaks can be completely absorbed by the service provider through the human resource capability it possesses (not to mention the management of staff absences). Responsiveness and respecting schedules/deadlines are therefore key elements of the customer / provider relationship. Performance commitments to deadlines are consistently met from 01/01 to 31/12.

The above 3 points are the very core of a successful and stable customer/service provider relationship. To learn more about our profession please click here!


Discover the Mobiltron concept in document management.

Salons Solutions will be held on September 30, October 1 and 2 at the CNIT Paris in La Defense. This three- day event allows visitors to discover a range of solutions in the areas of ERP, dematerialisation, online archiving, CRM, e-purchasing, SCM and BI.

Mobiltron will present its mail and incoming documents dematerialisation services (invoices, contracts, purchase orders, financial docs…) but also its scanning and archiving platform which can be applied to business clients in the areas of energy, telephony, online services, finance and insurance. Editing mass emails and the Web Printer service will also be presented.

In the context of customer mail dematerialisation, a real case will be exhibited on the Mobiltron stand in order to gain a full understanding of the process and specifications

Come and meet our Mobiltron representatives at stand D42!


Increasingly strategic services in real estate

Within the context of its electronic documentation system, the FNAIM (national real estate network which includes 430 branches in Brittany, France), has partnered up with Mobiltron. This group informs and supports real estate professionals in their activities, transactions or in their relationships with owners / tenants on a daily basis.

This year Mobiltron was present at the FNAIM annual general meeting which took place on the outskirts of Rennes on April 15, 2014. Members were give the opportunity to discover a range of solutions proposed by Mobiltron: dematerialisation of incoming documents and correspondence, printing letters on a large scale (web printer), and indexing/ storing digital documents.

Although the industry is continuously evolving, the real estate sector is historically and remains a domain that uses an incredibly significant amount of documentation. Mobiltron therefore offers its customers the possibility to optimise the organisation of physical and digital documents (reminders, payment requests, files, supplier and customers invoices, etc.). This is a perfect opportunity to promote practical and user-friendly solutions in managing the flow of incoming and outgoing mail.

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